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Month: October 2017

Life In The Evergreen State

Life In The Evergreen State

Family, i made it to DTS!

After nearly a year of waiting and praying i am finally taking the first step towards my dream and calling of long term missions in Mongolia. Praise king Jesus!

It has been such a long time coming and it was a long trip to get here, like a literal physical long trip from Denver Colorado, to Port Townsend Washington. But praise king Jesus my family and i made it safe and sound to Washington, and the fam made it home.

School started on Monday and it has been awesome so far. God has once again blessed me and i feel like i have one more family now. Life seems nonstop during the week, and our day to day schedule is pretty full but we have a pretty decent amount of free time on the weekend. This week we learned about the character of God, and how those characteristics can and should change our faith and the way we live life, as well as the way we relate and connect with God. It has been such an incredible eye opening study.

One of the most amazing things about being here at school is the people, and there is so much i want to say about everyone that i am living with, but i think i will only say a little bit about the two guys who have made the biggest impact on me. Ozzy who is such an amazing guy and probably the person i hang out with the most here at school, and then Jiang who is from Indonesia. Both of these guys are amazing and have been such a huge influence to me in the short week i have known them. They have the biggest hearts ever and they care about everyone here so much.

Jiang kind of feels like the bigger brother, he is the most responsible one out of all us guys and he is always helping us out with anything we might be struggling with. He is an amazing artist and dancer, and he thinks so much and its cool because when he talks he can say some very profound things. Ozzy feels like a brother to me, we always make the worst jokes and laugh at everything anyone says to us. God has only just recently grabbed ahold of his heart, but his faith is like someone who has been walking with God for a lifetime. He has been helping me with language learning and has been helping me learn the song “Blessed Be The Name” in Mongolian. These are two amazing men of God and i wish i could fully express how much i am blessed by them, but its beyond words.

Its dorm living here, so i live in a building with 4 other guys, we sleep in one big room with a handful of bunk beds and we share a big bathroom with a few showers. there is a girls dorm on the other side of camp. we have a nice big dining hall with a big kitchen and a huge pantry filled with home canned fruit, fresh veggies, and all kinds of other awesome food. We have the classroom where we spend a good amount of time together worshipping, learning and participating in team building activities. There is a big garden and we have apple and plum trees strewn about. Finally, we have a student lounge thats called the Bayview, where we work on homework, watch movies (when time permits), play games (we have a pool table!), or just hang out on the couches.

Thats about all i have for now. Thanks for reading!

As far as prayer goes i am going to ask you all to pray for my family here.

  • Both my brothers Jiang and Ozzy still need support (money) for this school as well as a few of the ladies too.
  • Immune systems! Everyone has had little coughs or sore throats.
  • Patience with one another (Community living is tricky sometimes, but definitely worth it).
  • Soft hearts and minds to soak up all we are learning.
  • Pray that God will be Glorified through all we say and do.

Thank you, family.

Love life and live love.