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Month: July 2017

Weirdy sentimentality

Weirdy sentimentality

Here we are. it’s a new day and the sun is shining bright and beautiful. The tree is rustling gently in the breeze and its bright green leaves absorb the ultraviolet rays so that my skin doesn’t have to. Summer time is the easiest time for me to see the intricate beauty that God blessed the earth with. i love the unique shapes and colors of the flowers that bloom, the hundreds of shades of oranges, pinks, and purples. Each blossom expressing itself with a one hundred percent unique pattern that might be similar but not exactly like its neighbor. Summertime is so great.

Anyways, Thanks for reading my words. Once again (as is usual now i think) i missed the update schedule that i thought i would try to stick to. O well.

I’m going to be leaving for Washington in a little over a month! That has been such a crazy realization, it’s a little intimidating, saddening, and exiting at the same time. Cleaning out my house has been a strange feeling and it really makes the realization that I’m moving sink in. I have been moved out and on my own (as “on my own” as i can be living across the street from my parents) for almost three years now, and it feels so odd getting ready to move on to whatever is next. My work contract just ended and i will be putting in my two weeks here in a little bit, that will be 4 years and one month with my current company. It’s strange to me thinking that i won’t have a “job” for at least 6 month since i have been steadily employed since i was 16.

i have been feeling oddly sentimental lately, especially while writing this. Its been such a crazy season of life lately, i have been dealing with different struggles and thinking about so many things, Often times it felt like my eyes were bulging out of my head since i had so many different thoughts jammed inside. But i think maybe it’s all leveling out now. Me and God have had some great breakthroughs, and Jesus has been so busy working on carving something beautiful out of this wooden heart of mine. Not to say that I’m not still struggling with things or that my head isnt full to bursting with thoughts, but it has been easier to deal with and i have clear vision of what is going on. God has blessed me with joy and peace.

There is a plan, its all happening the way it should.-Listener

My buddy Isaac has been extremely busy in Papua New Guinea. He works at a medical clinic, a builder, a teacher at a school, a teacher at a seminary, an extreme gardener, and a semi pro soccer player (actually i think there are 5 year olds better than him). Please if you ever think about it pray for him, he has expressed with me how extremely overwhelmed he is.

Please if you think of me please pray for a motivation to work (because i don’t like cleaning and organizing or yard work), i have a lot to do around my yard and my house before i leave. Pray for Finances as i will need to start looking to raise funds for actually living in Mongolia for the longterm. And finally please pray that God would continue to stir in my heart as its easy for my relationship to become stagnant and not grow.

Hopefully i will have another post soon about something more than myself. but for now that’s all ive got. Thanks again. Please feel free to contact me, for any reason, and also let me know how i can pray for you.

Thanks for reading this and investing into me.

Love life and live love!-Noah.