Turn The Engines Up To Life Speed!

Turn The Engines Up To Life Speed!

Heyo! Welcome back family! This is a little bit late…… i guess it’s slightly more than a little but whatever.

i can’t believe that the time has passed so quickly. It seems like just a few weeks ago i was finalizing the my decision to get into missions work, and look at where we are now family. i have 5 1/2 months left before i leave to start training and i officially have all the money i need to pay for my schooling! THAT’S RIGHT! God has provided my with all the money i need to attend my DTS. All i can really say about that is God is good. Still though i am trying to raise support so that i can get to Mongolia as soon as possible after DTS.

i am sorry about my terrible update schedule, it has been pretty bad i know…. I’m working on it. i dont really have any excuses, just a fast life.

My best friend Isaac (he doesn’t update often but he does have an e-mail update he sends out, so hit me up if you want on the e-mail list) in Papua New Guinea is doing good, he was dealing with some sickness for a little bit but he is good to go now.


So last week i was in Seattle WA for a few days with a few Mongolian people. Actually a lot of Mongolian people. i was there for an American Mongolian churches conference! The conference was a pretty amazing experience for me. i flew into Sea-tac airport on Thursday and realized i had no idea what i was supposed to be doing or where i was supposed to be going. See when i heard about this conference it wasnt people saying you should go, or asking will you go? It was my Mongolian family saying “you are going, right?” Or “did you book your flight yet?” So (i’m probably going to use that word way too much in this post) maybe i went out of peer pressure, but regardless why i went i realized that my family had only made sure i was going and not how i was going or even what i would be doing when i got there. No details were given. So here i am at seatac airport, realizing i have no idea what I’m doing, and i called a few people that had contacted me a few times to get some information about me for the conference (i guess my church didn’t give them any details either) and they told me what to do and where to end up. After getting figuring out where to go and what shuttle to call and what hotel to get to (i wasn’t even sure i was staying in a hotel) i get to my room (That i am sharing with 2 other people i don’t know) and drop off all my stuff and head out to the church for the conference kick off!

We (“We” being all the people that arrived in the evening) get to the church and unload and more and more the realization that “i’m the only white bro here” sets in. I’m surrounded by Mongolian people, Mongolian food, and Mongolian language. It’s almost overwhelming, except for the fact that everyone is so nice to me. The people in the kitchen make sure i have plenty of food, the people i called to figure out what i was doing at the airport talk to me, multiple people ask me who i am and what church i am with (some of them can only ask in Mongolian, so when i shake my head we both just smile and laugh. No judgement) its cool. After dinner we head to the sanctuary and have the opening sermon, we start with some worship that i can sing along with for the most part since i can now read the Cyrillic alphabet (i just dont know what the words mean yet) then pastor Bug gets on stage to teach. Pastor Bug was a big, white, bearded, biker American pastor who is head pastor to a local church with a large integrated Mongolian congregation, this is good because he teaches in english and has a translator for all the Mongolians. The sermon was on faith and how powerful it is, and how much more we need real faith, but also about love and how powerful it is, and how much more we need real love. That was the first night.

Day 2 and 3, Friday and Saturday.

Wake up, shower, eat at the hotel, go to church. At the church the day was started with a sermon and worship, then we start the “seminaries”. The seminaries were basically in depth single topic work shops about cell groups (home groups), Godly finance, faith, real manliness, and loving God. Through these seminaries i learned sooooo much, but the reason i was able to learn as much as i did was because God in his infinite awesomeness provided me with a friend in each seminary who was able to translate from Mongolian (this was a conference for Mongolians so everything was all in Mongolian, seems fair) to English for me. Then we wrap up the night with a good sermon and worship and prayer, lots of prayer. Meals too, we had lunch and dinner their at the church, it was mostly all Mongolian food which is so so good, and lots of milk tea.

Last day, Sunday.

Wake up, shower, pack, check out, eat breakfast. After breakfast we head to the local church, the one that pastor Bug teaches at. We have more worship, but in english and Mongolian this time (since it’s a mixed congregation) then some fellowship afterwords. Quick clarification, in the context of being around Mongolians fellowship means eating food while waiting for a meal to be served and drinking milk tea together, thats Mongolian fellowship. Once everyone has had a chance to eat people start to trickle out, either to the airport or to explore the city with friends. 

That’s where i will stop. i know its not a lot of details (or maybe it is) but i want to try to keep this post short and simple, i will probably talk more in-depth about things that happened at the conference in future posts.


Once again thanks for reading this, i do really plan on being more diligent to update this blog so i can share more life with you guys. Please feel free to contact me if you want, and please let me know how i can pray for you. Noah Brandt, 720-635-4235, killinggiants@gmail.com

For those of you who pray for me; thank you. Please if you would, keep in prayer my language learning, pray that God would soften my brain so i can remember the things i learn better because right now it’s really hard to remember the new words and phrases i learn.

Thank you all so much.

Keep living life and loving God.-Noah




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