Consistent inconsistency?

Consistent inconsistency?

Alright, once again i am sorry for my consistent inconsistency. I will try to make good excuses, i have been doing some cool stuff lately and just pushed off writing. i know I’m lame but i really do want to try to make these posts meaningful so i try to create inspiration/be inspired instead of forcing myself to write lame half-hearted posts. So there is my apology for being late, and i really do mean it. Huge thanks for reading this even though i am so sporadic with my writing. Now to the main post!

Fall is upon us! How do i know? Because i get cold when i sleep. Specifically in a hammock….. Outside……In the mountains. Now it’s my inclination to just leave that for you to think about and create your own story for but i will give some context. This past Friday my Dad and i(i never ever say it like that it’s always me and my whoever but for that sake of trying to be a better writer)  headed up to Fairplay Colorado for the 2016 Calvary reach men’s retreat! There was about eight of us and we stayed from Friday to Sunday midday at a little cabin that one of the men owned and graciously shared with us. Now you might say Why were you outside in a hammock when there was a cabin you could stay in? More context, Friday night dinner was chili…… eight men…..eating chili…. all sleeping in a small cabin. i hope you can connect the dots. That’s all the hammock context you get, to the next part! This retreat was pretty great, for me this was the first time i was able to connect with the men of my church. We would do devotions in the morning and then discuss different things we maybe did not understand or struggled with. There was so much encouragement and transparency, my mind was blown. At night we studied with R.C Sproul (Via DVD). One of the specific thing that impacted me the most was the discussions of relationships i had.

As a single guy still working to figure out life and try to establish a good framework to build a relationship on, these’s conversations helped me out a ton. It’s a huge blessing to talk about things i don’t understand and have a God fearing and loving MAN  pull you aside and tell you his story about what God did in his relationships. There are more things that really impacted me, and i have so many things that i am stuck contemplating but overall i am refreshed.

So there’s that. I am not going to write more because i think i will save some of the other things i learned for another post.


Hunting! This Friday i leave with my dad and youngest brother to head out east and hunt antelope. please pray for success in our hunt and safety as well. Please pray that we would be a light to the land owners that we hunt with and that our mouths would be filled with the Holy spirit and that God would be glorified above all else.

Dudebro Missions now has a facebook page up. If you like what i write and want to connect further visit me at facebook!

Please keep my language learning in prayer. i am working to try to learn as much Mongolian as i can before i actually get to Mongolia but it’s really hard for me.

Finally as always if you want to connect with me or want more information on supporting me hit me up at or leave a comment below. If you have suggestions for things to write or have questions feel free to leave them in the comments.

Thanks Once again for taking time out of your day to be a part of my life. Бурхан адислах(God Bless)-Noah.

3 thoughts on “Consistent inconsistency?

  1. Plain and simple, you rock. I’m a co-worker of your dad’s (the coolest one, even though he won’t admit it)… and he shared this link with me. Prayers with you in all of your endeavors, you’re incredible – keep it up.

    P.S. – I’d have taken the hammock outside, too.


    1. You rock Lindsay! Thanks for the good words, it’s super encouraging and thank you for the prayers it is very much appreciated.

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