Mongolia fact! When you first approach the Ger, call out “Nokhoi khor” which literally means, “Hold the dog”. This is basically the only warning that the inhabitants of said Ger will receive because knocking on the door of  ger doesn’t really happen. You are mostly just supposed to yell, then open the door and let yourself in. So forget about southern hospitality its all about eastern hospitality, way far eastern hospitality.

Now to the post! First things first this post will mostly be someone else’s words and not mine. Now i know this is sort of a cop out from writing my own post but i have had this poem stuck in my head for a while now and think this is a good time to share it. The poem is written and performed by Levi The Poet, a artist who greatly inspires me. i even had Levi play a show at my house once. It was a great night that will always bring a smile to my face. So i will share this poem and i am not going to ruin it with a commentary at the end. i just want you guys to think about it with your own thoughts.


Boundless I am convinced that the love of God is as boundless as the seas were they to overflow and break the barriers into the expanses of creation’s boundaries. Were the water to rush like waves, were we the innumerable grains of sand, carried in its storm towards a timelessness, held in a sovereign hand… Eternity would be the first to sing that it were not enough, and it would burst forth into another in effort to contain such a love.

I am convinced that the grace of God is as unfathomable as the space that the seas of love would spill into as they pour forth and cover all of my shame. Should all infinity be swathe, were we the innumerable stars in the sky, swept by the flood into a righteousness, clearly seen by redeeming eyes… Eternity would be the first to sing that it were out of place, were it supposed that it should be sufficient to contain such a grace.

I am convinced that the joy of God is as incomprehensible as the heights of which the oceans of love and grace are subject to spill over into life. Were all of hell to bear its swords, were we the innumerable elect, lead into war behind a white horse, a king who defeated sin and death… Eternity would be the first to sing that it could not employ a volume or song sufficient enough to describe such a joy.


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