Praise God!

Praise God!

Mongolia fact! Mongolia gets so cold in the winter that you need to wear 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts and then a jacket and underneath that all you will need thermal underwear. i was informed about this when i attended the Mongolian church of Colorado! That’s right: i found a all Mongolian church here in Denver! Its the Colorado Mongolian Church, and yes their is no English spoken…. like at all.

Now at first i was going to try to tell the entire story because i did alot more than just attend Mongolian church. In fact i didn’t really attend the “church” because i missed the sermon. On my search for Mongolian church i found the wrong church, met a groundsman for the main church(the Mongolian church uses a room rented from a bbbiiiigg Presbyterian church) who is striving to become a church planter in mexico, then celebrated a birthday party and shared dinner with the Mongolian church during their fellowship time.

One of the cool things that stood out to me was the prayer over dinner. It was the pastors wife who prayed over dinner and when she prayed it was in Mongolian, but it sounded like she was singing. It was very beautiful. The other thing was the incredible friendliness towards me. I walked into that church a white american who can only say “sain baina uu”(the standard greeting means basically how are you. You then normally respond with “sain, tasain baina uu” which is  “fine how are you?”) and when the pastor introduced me it was nothings but smiles and encouragement. i was even invited to go with the church youth to an American Mongolian christian youth conference in Oakland, California!

So needless to say God was very good to me this past weekend and i have  now found a Mongolian congregation to be a part of. i am going to let this be the end of my post, their was alot more i thought about writing into this and i tried to write into this but it just gets too long and jumbled, so i think this will be good. Once again thanks for reading. If you want to talk to me just shoot over a email to and i would be more than willing to talk to you. If you have any post suggestions, questions or comments in general please feel free to leave them in the comment section below. Thanks and God bless!

Psalm 47:1 Clap your hands, all peoples! Shout to God with loud songs of joy!

P.S. Tonight i leave for Rocky Mountain Honors Camp, i will be a counselor for a team of 6 Jr high boys. Please pray for safety and patience and that i would be blessed with lots of wisdom. When i get back i will share more about camp.


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