Thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my rough blog! Here i will try to explain to everyone reading this who i am, and what dude-bro missions is.

     My name is Noah Brandt, I am 21 years old living on my own and working to get into the missions field in Mongolia. I am currently working full time as a diesel tech at Wagner equipment company. I am a Awana leader on the weekends and a game leader for Rocky Mountain Honors camp every summer. if I am not busy with my church, or Awana, I am probably hanging out with my brothers or my best friend Isaac(he is a missionary too).

     Now to the missions part. Firstly what is missions? Missions can be summed up by what Jesus said to us in the great commission in Matthew 28:19-20 “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age“.  missions is Christians following this calling and spreading the gospel and creating churches everywhere! For me I have felt God calling me to Mongolia. This calling started quite a while ago as just a big interest in the country, but as time moved on I grew more and more attracted to the country and was trying to figure out how to get there. I thought that maybe I could go with work but that got shut down, then I thought I could go with Awana and that got shut down(but they just now started a club and I encourage you to go take a look at what they are doing), so then I looked to a fairly well known missions group called ywam(more about that in a minute).

      At the Colorado home school conference while I was doing this my mom,being as awesome as she is, spent most f her time looking for books and information on missions and specifically Mongolian missions, and praise God she found the only book on Mongolian missions. The  book was called A Sheep In My Bathtub by Brian Hogan. That book is the story about how the hogan family was moved to missions by God, and after serving in various locations god sent the hogan family to Mongolia in the early 1990’s to start a revival and church planting movement. this book was the final push that got me over the edge.

     After reading a sheep in my bathtub, I contacted ywam asking for information on Mongolian missions and ended up with the e-mail for a man named Ron Boehme, I sent Mr Boehme an e mail asking for information on Mongolia. The response I got for that e mail was less than what I had expected, it basically said “We are very busy in Mongolia with a youth camp please try to recontact me in a couple months when we are not so busy”. This was a bummer to me but I was happy that they were so busy, so I waited and actually forgot to email them back. Then another while later my best friend Isaac decided to go on a mission trip to Papua new guinea(Png for short) and another friend of mine left for south Africa. so here I was, all alone(not really though but my closest friends were gone.) and I decided I really need to go do missions. So I sent Mr Boehme another email and he responded by sending me his phone number and asking me to call him. So I called him and we talked, he told me that currently their were not any short term mission trips and I let him know I wanted to do long term missions. He was pretty surprised by this and asked me if i had attended a DTS(ywam’s discipleship training school, I will talk about this later because this post is already too long) and I said no. He told me that i ought to look into a DTS and then he prayed over me and blessed me and sent me his book The Fourth Wave(again i will talk about it later).

     So to try and wrap this up here is where I am at now(I maybe skipped pieces from the last paragraph to here but again maybe i will mention it later) I am trying to fund a DTS and the dates are all lined up but i need help to actually get there. The school is in Norway(my next post will be about the school) and is about 8 months long. While there we will learn how to be effective in missions and then also apply that training. Now here is the main reason for sharing all this information with you. I NEED HELP!  Now maybe you are thinking “O great another missionary asking for another hand out. Yes and no, the biggest way you can help me is to pray! Please partner with me and pray that God will bless me with a abundance of the holy spirit, pray that i would be blessed and that Gods will be done, pray that i would have gods vision and love his people with his love, pray for whatever God asked you to pray for because he knows what I need better than I know and pray for all the people that are being reached through christian mission. The other way you can support me is the more obvious financial support, even though I do have a job and am putting away money i will still need help. The price for school is about $8,000 and the flights are about $2,000 round trip(I have $2,000 saved already!). So all together I am looking at 10,00$ total for 8 months(by the way school starts October 2017). That’s alot of money and i will be trying to depend on God for alot of help, so if you feel God calling you to help support me then thanks! But if not please pray for me.

     Thanks for taking time to read this and I apologize for any bad spelling, grammar, punctuation, and the fact that this is a long post and I might not have answered all of your questions. I will try to update this blog every other week and give you more details about the things I might have skipped over. Once again thank you.

 Be on the alert. Stand firm in the faith. Be men of courage. Be strong. Do everything in love.-Noah

P.S if you want to get a hold of me just shoot a email to me at

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